Does VISU create custom-made stand?

Of course! This is our main activity. Based on 2 different options, we can answer to any request and/or budget. We offer tailor made stand or modular aluminium structure. You can choose to use either one of these options or take on a project to combine the best of both. At VISU we make it possible to meet everyone’s expectations.

Who is responsible for the maintenance of the stand during the exhibition?

Our team is always available. Therefore we propose to take on the full maintenance during the exhibition: cleaning, repairs, providing assistance on site, etc.

I take part in an exhibition in Paris. Can I rely on the services of VISU?

Yes, our team works both inside and outside Europe. We have already carried out projects in Vancouver, Jakarta and Rio de Janeiro.

What is the cost of a stand?

There is no standard price due to the variety of our projects and our flexibility. You will work out your project with our architects, who will provide professional advice and original ideas according to your budget and your desire. So you won’t get any unexpected surprises.